How To Pick The Perfect Necktie For Your Different Styles

Ties are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. It’s the primary accessory needed to go along with any sort of dress shirt or suit. Even young boys should have a few standard tie essentials for specific occasions. As men grow older the number of occasions when the need a proper necktie are going to increase, and therefore, so should the number and styles of neckties in his collection. There are a few basic men’s ties that every man should start with when creating his necktie collection in order to cover the majority of occasions when he will likely need to wear a tie. Here are some of the best common necktie for men for every wardrobe:

Navy Silk Tie

Navy suit gray tie goes with just about everything. It’s dark so can be more formal, or casual depending on the jacket and dress shirt. Navy is also a color that complements a large array of color pallets, making this tie very versatile. It’s especially great for interviews as a dark sturdy blue color helps instill a sense of ease and sophistication. The silk texture is understated and doesn’t pop as much as a knit or other material tie would.

Burgundy Tie

Burgundy is a great color complement as it goes with both formal jackets, sports coats, or tweed jackets as well. It’s another dark solid color that says “take me seriously”. This tie could be spiced up by adding a subtle pattern to the material. Something simple so that the tie still remains versatile, but it can be a fun way to liven up this basic tie if you choose to do so.

Brown Tie

Ideally you should choose a different texture than the other ties you already have. If you already have a silk tie, then try to go with cotton or knit to give some variation. Brown is especially good for these stronger textures as it’s a more earthly color. Brown is a more casual color, so using a more fun material or pattern is a way to bring some extra life into what could be a very traditional middle of the road tie. This is a tie that you likely wear with a sports jacket or just a simple dress shirt.

Striped Tie

In addition to the above standard solid color ties, having a striped tie in your wardrobe is also a must. It’s a classic and a staple coming from the traditional “preppy style” of boy’s prep schools. There are still lots of varieties within the striped tie category including almost any color combination you can think of. This is a style of tie that never goes out of style and will be appropriate for any occasion. It’s not recommended to wear a striped tie with a pinstripe suit, but otherwise, it will go with almost any style.

Fun Crazy Necktie or Bow Tie

Now that you’ve got your basics covered, make sure to throw a fun alternate into the mix! Novelty ties and bow ties are coming back into style in a very big way. Having a tie that’s a conversation starter can be great for networking events or even job interviews. It’s a great way to show some personality in your wardrobe while still being professional. Opt for a tie that is still within the dark color pallet to keep your unique fun tie sill within the realm of “acceptable but fun” for more serious or high class occasions.