Thorium Documentation

Thank you for downloading Thorium theme. Now let’s take a look on how to make a website using this theme. These are the topic we’ll be treating today:

  1. Installation
  2. Setting up front page
  3. Adding menus
  4. Choosing fonts
  5. Finishing Settings


Now that you’ve got your website and installed Word Press [if you haven’t click here]. Let’s install the Thorium Theme. If you’re using the pro version go to Appearance >> Themes and click on Add new, then upload the thorium theme zip file that you purchased and click on install now. If you’re using the free version, all you have to do is search for Thorium and install.

Setting up front page

To be able to use the front page section, you must first install the Thorium Pro extension plugin for pro users, Thorium Extension for free users and Contact form 7. Install and activate both plugins and let’s continue.

Now let’s create a template for our home and blog page. Go to Page >> Add New, Give the page title Home, and choose the template – Front Page. After that create a new page names Blog. Next head to settings >> reading. Then select the option static front page, for the home page choose the home page we created and for blog posts page, choose the blog page we created, save the settings and lets continue

Customizing the front page

Now we’ve got the front-page setup, lets began adding sections into it. Head to the customizer [ Appearance >> customize ], if you’ve got the Thorium Extension plugin activated, then you should see the Front page panel, click on it and let’s start editing

Services Section

The first section in the panel is the services section , here you can add what your company services are, click one the section, The first option there is a checkbox to show or hide the section, you can edit the section title, description and change the background color (if you’re using the pro version). Next let’s add some services. To start click on Add or Edit button, it’ll lead to a section to add services, click on add widget and add the service widget. With this widget you can add a service title, icon, description. And you can add as many services as possible.

Portfolio Section

Next section is the portfolio section, here you can add your previous works and display them in an awesome manner. Click on the section, you can hide or show the section, edit the title, description and background color (if you’re using the pro version). Next let’s add some projects, just click the button like you did for the previous section, and add the portfolio widgets. With this widget you can add, the project name, category, image, description and hover color. You can also add as many project as you want.

About Section

Here you can add orderly details about your company as it started and grew. Click on the section, the settings are the same with the other sections. Now let’s add the some details. Click on the button, add the widget and start editing. With this widget you can add the event, description, image and period of that event. You see the demo for example.

Team Section

Here you can add your team members with their social profiles. Click on it, and edit whatever you want. To add a member click on the button and add the widget, with this widget you can add the members name, position and Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn profiles.

Client Section

Here you can add all the clients you’ve worked for. This section only has one setting, to hide or show the section and add your clients. With the widget you can add clients’ image and link. Also you can add as many clients as possible.

Contact Section

Before we get on to the contact section, make sure you have installed and activated the contact form 7. Next create a new tab and go to this is the contact form page. Let’s create a new contact form, click on Add New and input the following code

<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-6">
<div class="form-group">
[text* text-396 id:name class:form-control placeholder "Your Name *"]
<div class="form-group">
[email* email-300 id:email class:form-control placeholder "Your Email *"]
<div class="form-group">
[tel tel-228 id:phone class:form-control placeholder "Your Phone"]
<div class="col-md-6">
<div class="form-group">
[textarea* textarea-702 id:message class:form-control placeholder "Your Message *"]
<div class="clearfix"></div>
<div class="col-lg-12 text-center">
[submit class:btn class:btn-xl "Send Message"]

Save the contact form and refresh the customizer. Now go back to the contact section and select the contact form we created, you can also change the title, description, and the section background (if you’re using pro).

So that’s all, with this all for the front page all that’s left is the menu.

Adding Menus

This theme has three menu locations, front-page menu, blog menu and footer menu. To create a menu go the menu panel from the customizer. First let’s create the menu for the front page. So click on Add Menu, type the name of the menu, it can be anything you want. Next click on Create Menu. To enable page scrolling you must first add, make sure that the CSS Classes option is available, to do that click on the option icon at the top and check the CSS Classes checkbox, if it’s not checked, after that click on the created menu an Add Items. To let user navigate around the front page, add custom links and add, a section ID as its URL. The ID’s on all the sections are:

  • #services
  • #portfolio
  • #about
  • #team
  • #clients
  • #contact

To use page scroll add page-scroll to the CSS Classes option. Next select the menu location, which should be front page. You can now create other menus for the blog and footer menu locations.

Choosing fonts

This theme comes with 15+ fonts for pro users and 5 for free users. To choose a font go to the fonts section from in the customizer and select the font you want.

Finishing settings

This theme offers a lot of settings for you to tweak the theme to how you want it. These are some of the settings sections:

  • Social Profiles
  • Section Order (for pro users)
  • Post settings
  • Header settings
  • Footer settings
  • Layout

Enter each setting to tweak the theme as you want it.

I hope you enjoy you experience with Thorium. If you have any problem with the theme you can contact me for support and I’m willing to offer at a small price of $10 for free users and free for pro users. Thank you once again for downloading the theme.