Stick To The Basics

The bar exam tests a variety of skills from organization, memorization, ability to work under pressure and time as well as written communication. Some of the steps on how to pass the California bar exam

Memorize the law

In memorizing, the laws there are several things that one is required to put into consideration

Begin with good materials- Bar – Bri is popular for high quality guidelines that it requires, this makes it imperative for the student to take the materials and synthesize them. Just reading the outline will fool you that you understand the material, however this is not the case, with the use of flash cards, it helps the students to memorize the key areas and understand them well before the exam. Don’t take the risk game and have a tutor to help you review the cards that you have made to ensure that your depth of thought is at the required standards. A student who does not comprehend the rules to depth of thought from the initial point of view has slim chances of passing the exam. A good knowledge of the rules is important for MBE, this is necessary when supporting analysis, writing essays and presenting arguments. It is imperative that you do not skip the flash cards because they may seem to be time consuming.

Being organized

The bar instructions require the students to demonstrate a logical lawyer thinking kind of skills. For you to be able to do that you need to use a structure that supports good legal analysis , for essays that are time tested stick to the work and write like a lawyer would , express your thinking comprehensively in an easy and readable manner.

Stick to performance test format

Although during the exam, you may tend to be slightly formal it is important to follow a good format that will guide the examiner to understand the concepts and ideas you are expressing as well as show professionalism. Dan silman from says,”The basic structure includes point heading, rule, explanation of the rule and a summary”.

Point heading is where you not the legally significant fact as well as the legal issue, the rule takes into account both case law and statutes. Explanation of the rules tries to create a rule statement by holding the case rationale and noting the facts. It is here that you apply your facts to write the summary of the essay.

Conveying written communication skills

Here it is important to understand how to write a paper well, if you think, omitting a coma in law can be surpassed, think again. Ensure that your grammar is perfect and all punctuations are put in place to avoid misinterpretation.

Working well under time pressure

Although you are still learning the most important part is to be time conscious, train yourself with mock exams until you perfect your time schedule, this will be essential during the exam.