Five Things Every WordPress Theme Needs

My former posts have shown us how to setup a local development area for any web developer, from how to setup a local development area to installing WordPress, so today we’ll be starting a series ‘Making WordPress Themes for Beginners’, and as an introduction we’ll take a look at five things every WordPress theme needs.

A WordPress theme is the look and feel of any WordPress site, it’s basically what a visitor sees first when he or she enters your site, so it’s really important. Today, the most trending theme in every themes market place is WordPress themes, so if you’re looking for a new career in WordPress the theme market is still open for you.

There are many aspects to a WordPress theme than just design. A theme could have such a beautiful design that could make you cry for it, but once it’s installed your site crashes – ouch. So let’s look at what is needed in every WordPress theme.


First things first, for a theme to catch a buyer or a visitors eyes, it should have an astonishing design. The design is really important for every WordPress theme, but its design could look good on your PC but when you view it from a mobile phone – ouch, it’s really bad.


So next point is responsiveness, when making a theme or buying on for your site, the theme must be responsive, you can check how to make responsive designs here. Your design should look good on small screens and also good on large screens.


Your theme needs to be flexible to fit your every need ( as a buyer). When making a theme don’t hard code everything leaving the user stuck in one place. That’s why WordPress was built to be very flexible.


Another important point is security when making a theme you need to look out for threats. WordPress has done its part in securing the core now it’s your job to use this security also in your themes. ( I’ll be writing a post on making more secure themes. Subscribe to get this first).


To give your user an optimum user experience when using your theme is to make it customizable. Thanks to WordPress customize API it’s much easier to do so.

These five points are all you need to make a perfect theme, and also if you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your site.

You can also check out my latest theme Thorium, I can assure you that this theme match all the points, check the demo here.

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