​How to get a free domain and hosting to blog

Are you thinking about starting a personal blog, and you don’t plan on starting off with a free WordPress.com blog or blogger’s Blogspot blog? Then this post contains step by step process on getting a free domain and hosting to start blogging.

Getting a domain

First let’s get a free domain, go to freenom.com. This site registers free domain names but with extensions like .ga and more, but if you want a .com or .net you would have to purchase that.

Next, you’ll see a page like this,free domain and hosting then in the input field write the name of your site, choose a good name you won’t regret later. Then click CHECK AVAILABILITY. This will show you all the domain extension that is available with the domain name you choose, so pick an extension of your choice and check out let’s continue.

So once you’ve picked the extension you’ll see a page like thisfree domain and hosting, click on use DNS then use your own DNS, in the nameserver field type NS01.000WEBHOST.COM and NS02.000WEBHOST.COM, leave the IP address empty. Next, choose the duration of your domain,  don’t be afraid you can still renew domains after it expires, still free. Next, you’ll have to register, you can either do that with your email address or any of your social account, if you’re using your email then verify and your free domain is registered.

Getting a host

To get a free web host go to 000webhost.com. Then in the home page click Sign Up Here. Next, you’ll also signup with your email, then choose a password and the name of your free website ( Note this is just a subdomain, you won’t really need it, but it’s advisable to use the name of your domain so it won’t confuse you at any point). After that, you’ll verify your email address, and your account is up and running.

Linking server to domain

Even after getting a server your domain is still useless, so let’s link up the domain to the server. Login to your Cpanel and click on manage site. On the top, you’ll see an option to set web address, click on it. Now when the page loads up, scroll down and click Add domain, a popup will show, click on park domain and click next, then write the name of the domain your registered and click park domain. Now that’s where the nameserver stuff comes in, the nameserver lets your domain point to this server and it usually takes some minutes to 24 hours to propagate. When it propagates you’ll see that you can now link the domain to the server, once it’s linked you can now start building your site.

Your Turn

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