Quick guide on installing WordPress 

Today we’re going to be talking about installing WordPress. As some of us know WordPress is the most used CMS [ content management system ] in the world, and it’s used by small personal bloggers to high advanced businesses.

Note if you have a web hosting service that supports one-click install then I don’t think you need this. Now how do we get this extremely popular CMS? first, you have to download the latest stable version here. After downloading the file you should transfer it to your server using FTP. Once you’ve uploaded it, you should then unpack it to the root directory (“/”). Now visit your site ( I.e http://example.com ) and begin the installation. Note before you start you should get the following information from you web host – database name, username, password. Also, don’t forget to CHMOD  your files to r-w. So now you should follow WordPress through the quick five minutes installation and you’re done.

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