How To Setup A Local Server using wamp

There are tools every web developer must have and one of them involves a local server. If you have a comfortable PC, you can setup one very easily. Following these few easy steps, you’ll get a local server for development with WAMP server in minutes

Downloading WAMP

So first we’ll have to download the wamp server. Note before you download you should have the following Microsoft redistribute – VCR8, VCR10, VCR11 and if you’re downloading WAMP 3.0 – VCR12, VCR14. Install all these redistribute before continuing.

Installing WAMP

Before installing wamp you must stop Skype from running, go to Skype > Tools > connection and unchecked Port 80 use 143 as an alternative. Now you run WAMP as an administrator, agree to the terms and conditions. Then start the installation.

Choose Default Browser And Editor

During the installation you see a prompt asking you to choose your default browser, progress c:\ program files and pick the browser file then Choose the .exe application. Do the same for the editor you want to use.

Finishing Installation

After completing the setup your server will be up and running. Go to localhost in your browser and you’ll see the index page.

NOTE you must download and install the redistributes, else the server won’t work. You can go to PHPMyAdmin and create a database.